In order to apply for funding, you must be in need of of recreation/sport registrtion fee assistance and meet the 3 requirements below:

Youth 18 and Under

Reside in Yarmouth County

Enrolled in School/Homeschool

Please send completed forms along with a letter of reference to jstrongfund@outlook.com or mail to JSTRONG Committee, 36 Burbine St, Yarmouth NS, B5A4V8.

Maximum funding amount per applicant is $300 per year.

A Letter of reference provided by anyone (besides an immediate family member) such as; teacher, coach, clergy member, medical professional or social worker who can verify that the youth will benefit from assistance from the Jstrong Fund.

Application Form


Helping Yarmouth County Sporting Youth

Our goal is to help local youth who are in need of assistance with sporting registration fees. Not only are we giving 100% of all funds raised back to youth but we also will be promoting sport in Yarmouth