About Us

On November 7, 2015 Jadon was involved in a fatal car accident at the age of 17. However….that is not where his story starts nor ends. When he was 4 years old our family introduced him to sport. We felt, as with all children, he needed a healthy outlet to express himself, play with others, learn to take direction, discipline and how to have fun in a healthy, safe environment, These are values parents teach children, but also need to be practiced outside of the home.


Helping Yarmouth County Sporting Youth

Jadon was involved in numerous sports, teams and clubs. His passion for sport influenced him to volunteer countless hours with the world junior hockey tournaments, minor hockey, school sport and the Special Olympics. In fact his first actual job was umpiring for minor baseball. Anything that had anything to do with sport and giving a helping hand, you could count on Jadon and a big smile.
At 15 he found himself struggling, having a hard time finding his way, his place, then football was brought into his life. Football gave him new life. Jadon moved to Halifax where he played on both the U17 and U18 Football NS teams, The SJA Flames, where he attended high school, and the Timberlea Titans in the Spring League. He had found a sport made for him, the teams, coaches, peers, an extended family who embraced, encouraged and pushed Jadon to be the best he could be physically and mentally, on and off the field. A world he was introduced to because of sport. A life he was blessed to have because of sport. A chance he was given, because of sport. EVERY SINGLE CHILD needs to be given every chance that was afforded to Jadon.

After his death, Steve Berry approached our family and said he wanted to do something to remember Jadon, his big heart and giving ways. That is when the JStrong fund was born. We believe it truly does take a village to raise a child. Although youth are vulnerable in the world today, we wish to promote goodness, productivity and healthy outlets offered in our community, such as sport and recreation. Cost is one of the biggest barriers, we assist youth who may not be able to participate in sport due to financial burden.

Our goal is to help local youth who are in need of assistance with sporting registration fees. Not only are we giving 100% of all funds raised back to youth but we also will be promoting sport in Yarmouth