The Jstrong fund is not just about raising money. It is about helping others however we can, for Jadon, who lived a good, full life albeit short. He lived and learned more in 17 years than many will ever know in a lifetime. Sport changed his life, made him who he was, for that we are grateful, it’s what drives us and this is our way to give back, be an example to those around us that out of much darkness you can always find light. That no matter how we may struggle at times, there is always a hand to help you up. That how we live our lives is what our legacy will be.

Our goal is to help local youth who are in need of assistance with sporting registration fees. Not only are we giving 100% of all funds raised back to youth but we also will be promoting sport in Yarmouth 

In memory of Jadon Robinson


Helping Yarmouth County Sporting Youth